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WordPress Web Hosting

Developed approximately ten years ago by a group of enthusiasts, nowadays WordPress is the most popular blog software used by millions of users all across the globe. It is free, so anybody can install it and use it to launch a family-oriented online blog, a web design portfolio, or to exhibit brand new company services.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a PHP-driven open-source blog software application that utilizes a MySQL database to store all the articles written by the moderator or the commentaries on these articles composed by the users. What makes the PHP-based script more popular than other content management platforms is its simplicity and the huge user community that supports it. Specific service providers such as NTChosting Web Hosting, for example, even furnish a one-click script installer that saves you the time of installing WordPress all by yourself. You can merely specify your domain name and push the Install button - their system will finish the rest.

Establish Content-Rich and Media-Rich Online Portals

The moment WordPress is activated, it is ready to use. You can sign on and start configuring it, and this is what makes the PHP-powered script really one of a kind. Because it is an open-source weblog software tool, there are thousands of web site skins and plugins that you can download and easily install to make a superb web portal. All you have to do is upload the plug-in or the web design layout in the corresponding folder in your WordPress web hosting account, and then install it from the WordPress admin Control Panel - it is as plain as that. There are 1, 2 and 3-column skins; you can also tweak the color scheme, and the additional add-ons will supply your WordPress-powered web page with matchless functionality. You can kick off feature-rich sites, include an online chat service, post videos or any other web content, allow your site visitors to assess articles and comments, share the content in your favorite social network web site and much more. As the PHP blog script is updated on a regular basis, all the weaknesses that may be abused are fixed by the WordPress developer team in an opportune way, so you can rest assured that your portal is protected. This is a key distinction from other free-of-charge scripts that are updated once in a great while or are not updated at all, exposing both your website and web hosting account to jeopardy.

Start Blogging Momentarily, It's Simple

WordPress also offers a charge-free weblog service on their official web site, so you can kick off a blog straight away by signing up there, but the URL of this new blog of yours will be your-name.wordpress.com. While this service is free of cost and easy to use, there will be ads on your online blog and you cannot avail of supplementary web page templates or add-ons - you are confined to what the website offers you. By all means, having your own personal domain and shared website hosting account (why not a VPS or a dedicated server account) bestows you with the freedom you demand to launch an amazing online blog. If you wish to build a company web portal, this would also generate credibility and command esteem.

WordPress - The Most Modern Open-source Content Management System App

As of now, WordPress is utilized by 1 000 000's of web users across the world as it is simple and intuitive to use and although it was contrived to be simply a blogging script, the extra plugins hatched by the large WordPress community have converted it into a web tool that extends far beyond an average blog. Simply a few examples are the plugins that permit you to set up a product catalog and trade goods over the web, to make slide shows, or even to add games that your web site visitors can play while browsing your site.