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A free domain name registration included at no additional cost. Unlimited data storage & traffic. Single domain web hosting with easy to handle domain name and SSL certificate management tools. Lonex's unmetered personal web hosting account costs just $3.95/month. Best domain name solutions that render domain name and digital certificate management as simple as 1-2-3. Safe VPS and Dedicated server hosting availability.


As its name implies, hosting is a service, which involves hosting web content. There are different varieties and kinds of web hosting, depending on the aims and on the usage. Yet, they all are related to hosting files, which, once hosted, are made accessible throughout the Web. A web host is in fact a server that is linked to the World Wide Web and has its own personal Internet Protocol address, which permits users to have access to it through the World Wide Web. The server's configuration and its limitations are subject to the kind of hosting service it will be utilized for.

How to recognize the right web hosting distributor for my web site?

These hosting service providers are easily recognizable by the way in which they are distributing their hosting plans. Practiced companies provide custom-developed functionality, various free PHP-driven scripts or software apps. The most experienced, though, have even their own personal custom-designed Control Panels built especially for their system. A web hosting Control Panel is a web-based panel, through which the customer administers the whole website hosting service. Smaller web hosting suppliers use ready-to-use web site hosting CPs like cPanel or DirectAdmin. In order, however, to guarantee supreme safety and efficiency for their web hosting services, the biggest web hosting companies give to their clients their very own personal in-house made hosting Control Panels devised by their own admins. One such web hosting corporation is 'Lonex Web Hosting', which not just provides its very own custom-made CP, but has also created a free PHP script installer, which enables its clients to effortlessly install any of the aforesaid open-source content management applications. Features like these demonstrate that the specific web hosting vendor has the capacity, the resources and the experience to be entrusted with retaining your personal info private and your website - reachable on the World Wide Web.

Classes of Hosting Services

A hosting solution means keeping and/or sharing particular web content on a web server administered by a web hosting company. There are different varieties of hosting services used for various aims, so let's explore them. Thus, you can decide what you need, on the basis of whether you wish to establish a website, e-mail accounts, or to share files with pals and acquaintances.

Supplementary Domain and Web App Services

Supplementary functionalities may comprise domain name management, a web-based web site builder and a free open-source PHP script installer. Even though they are not necessarily available with all web hosting vendors, they are becoming an ingredient of the regular web site hosting plan because of the big demand for an all-embracing hosting package where all the aforementioned functionalities are incorporated and can be handled via a single CP.

Why Do You Need Web Site Hosting?

Indisputably, having a web site is the swiftest, simplest and least expensive means to reach the highest possible number of persons. It is a means to locate people with related hobbies, to disperse thoughts, to present a personal portfolio or to gain new customers. A website is online 24-7-365 and the only tax that has to be covered is for the website hosting service itself - there are no fees for paperwork, supplementary office space or more employees. Clients from any country can order commodities and services at any given moment, managers can view your portfolio if you are a freelancer, or if you provide services even as simple as lawn mowing. Having a web portal is a great means to find brand new customers locally. More and more people do research online before they buy anything, and an apt and plain web page address is easier to share with buddies or colleagues than a residential address and a phone number. This info can be shown on your web site, solely a mouse click away.

Registrants - The Legitimate Domain Owners

When you register a domain name, you become the domain name Registrant, or its holder. You can mention another person as the Administrative or Technical Contact for the domain name if somebody else tackles your web site, which will allow you to deal only with things concerning the proprietorship or some payment matters.

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Shared Web Hosting Solutions

What Does Website Hosting Signify?

You have an idea that you wish to transform into a web site? Your first step should be to sustain your inspiration and discover a place for your website online so that it will be constantly visible to the whole world. Since the number of web sites on the World Wide Web has risen rapidly in the last several years, the need for hosting services has also lead to the emergence of innumerable web hosting suppliers. These are firms that offer you space for your own website on their servers. The reach of hosting services fluctuates tremendously, so do the demands...

An Explanation of Website Hosting

Hosting is a sort of online service that permits persons and businesses to render their online portals discoverable on the World Wide Web. Web hosting providers are companies that offer disk drive storage space on a web server housed in a datacenter and guarantee uninterrupted network uptime. The Internet has become a crucial part of everybody's daily agenda. It offers you the option to make a little side cash, but can also be a major source of income. In order to embed adverts on your web page or to promote a service that you sell, you always need...

Website Hosting

Possessing your very own private website is a requisite these days. The entrance of the World Wide Web in our everyday lives signifies that, in order for somebody to become seen, or to make his voice heard, one needs to have a web page and get it online. In order to fulfill that, you virtually require 2 elements - a web site and a web site hosting service. Prior to building an online portal, though, it's important to understand that there are distinct kinds of web hosting services and that not all sites can perform with a randomly picked hosting solution. In order to illustrate this better, let's commence...


As its name implies, hosting is a service, which involves hosting web content. There are different varieties and kinds of web hosting, depending on the aims and on the usage. Yet, they all are related to hosting files, which, once hosted, are made accessible throughout the Web. A web host is in fact a server that is linked to the World Wide Web and has its own personal Internet Protocol address, which permits users to have access to it through the World Wide Web. The server's configuration and its limitations are subject to the kind of hosting service it will be utilized for.

Web Hosting Services

Owning a site today is essential in terms of spreading ideas, promoting a brand new business or simply staying up to date with the latest tendencies. Since emails have replaced paper letters a long time ago and people check more or less everything online, it is a fine idea to run a website where customers can find out about you or your business - this is a way to come closer to them, to let them know what you think or what you offer. Let us take a look at what you demand...

Affordable Web Hosting

When it comes to launching your very first site and commencing your Internet presence, spending a lot of resources for the hosting service provision is maybe not something that sounds very alluring. At the outset, the web site you design may not appear the way you want it to, or may not attract numerous visitors, and the more you have given to take it online, the more cash you may feel has been wasted. In such an instance, there are 2 alternatives you can select from...

WordPress Web Hosting

Developed approximately ten years ago by a group of enthusiasts, nowadays WordPress is the most popular blog software used by millions of users all across the globe. It is free, so anybody can install it and use it to launch a family-oriented online blog, a web design portfolio, or to exhibit brand new company services. WordPress is a PHP-driven open-source blog software application that utilizes a MySQL database to store all the articles written by the moderator or...

Reseller Hosting

A web hosting reseller solution is an option for the average user to generate profit on the World Wide Web by reselling the web space offered by a specific hosting firm. Most commonly, the web hosting providers provide white label web hosting reseller services, which means that the users resell the web hosting packages on behalf of their very own personal brand name. How it is all rendered viable and what the various varieties of reseller plans are, you will discover in this story.

Cheap Domain Name


One of the most vital prerequisites for setting up a successful Internet presence is the domain. It is what visitors will observe first when they come across your web page and what they will identify you with. The domain name should be easy to remember, but should also be something that informs your website's visitors what the site is about. A domain traditionally is composed of two components - a Top-Level Domain (TLD) and a Second-Level Domain (SLD). If you have domain.com, for instance, ".com" is the TLD and "domain" is the SLD.

Domain Name

Among the things you need in order to build a website is a domain name. This is the address your website visitors will type in their browsers to examine your web site and it is amongst the features they will distinguish you by. For this reason you should pick a domain that is appropriate and explanatory, but it should also be easy to recall. Each domain name extension, or TLD (top-level domain name), is controlled by a Registry. This is the top-level organization that administers all domain name registrations and prescribes the requirements...

Free Domain

A domain name is an alphanumerical mixture that makes it simpler to open websites on the Internet. It converts an IP address such as into an easy-to-remember set of characters and digits. For instance, it is much simpler to recollect www.domain.com than the numbers above, even more so considering the circumstance that there are 1 000 000's of sites on the web. Domains can be registered for diverse spans of time, ranging from 1 to 10 years. Specific Top-Level Domains such as .co.uk and .com.au can be registered for no more and no less than 2 yrs at a time.

Domain Names Hosting

There are 2 things you require so as to establish a web portal. The first one is a domain that will open your web portal when you write it in a browser, and the second one is a hosting plan, which is basically the hard disk space on a hosting server where the site files will be located, plus several more services that are included in it. The domain and the hosting package are 2 associated, yet separate solutions, and you need both of them so as to have a functioning site. A domain is the alpha-numeric name that you will select to be the web address for the...

VPS Hosting Solutions

What is a VPS

Since shared website hosting accounts have restricted features and a dedicated server is too pricey for the majority of individuals, some web hosting suppliers supply a third web page hosting service type - the VPS. This site hosting solution delivers first-class performance at a quite cheap rate and is regularly the preferred choice for web portals that need a lot of resources. A powerful physical machine is partitioned into a few VPSs that emulate the performance of a customary dedicated hosting server. There are multiple software platforms that make this division...

VPS Hosting

A VPS is a virtual server set up on a physical server, which enables users to obtain their own server to save web site content. It provides the best balance between price and performance, so it is frequently the preferred choice for high resource-requiring websites that cannot be hosted on a shared hosting platform. As a bunch of individuals have their own virtual server on the same machine, all resources can be utilized, which minimizes the charge per head. Each VPS hosting server includes root privileges, which enables persons to install any software programs or script libraries...

Australian VPS

Virtual Private Server web hosting is a type of hosting service, which enables you to take advantage of the functionality offered by a dedicated web hosting server and of all the extras associated with the latter, including full root privileges, at a fraction of the price of a dedicated server. Many people think that price is a major indicator, which indicates the quality of the web hosting service at hand. Nevertheless, this is not thoroughly true, at least when it comes to Virtual Private Servers. Considering the nature of this web hosting service, namely the circumstance that a server machine...

Virtual Private Server

To fulfill the demand for inexpensive, but reliable hosting solutions, suppliers introduced a midway hosting environment - the private virtual hosting server. This is a virtual emulation of a web hosting server that acts precisely like a dedicated hosting and is much more powerful than any shared web hosting package. On the other hand, as multiple accounts are created on the very same physical web hosting server and each user pays for their account, the cost of a VPS server web hosting account is markedly lower than the cost of a dedicated server.